The Hunt is Officially Over.

Prior to the few weeks of being sick..or maybe it was right in the middle of it..we finally bought our new dining table! We spent a few days figuring out if we wanted to build it or if we would just go out and buy it. Since we’ll be making the coffee table, tv stand, and barn door for the closet we decided not to take on the project of making the table(and the chairs, not to mention). We spent the few hours we had after weekday dinners scoping out target, cost plus, home goods, etc. Never would we ever thought to buy it from IKEA…but guess where we got ours?! Yes, IKEA. We gave in to their airy showrooms and IKEA breakfast and bought our natural finish dining room set for $150 bucks. We can both agree it was a great purchase and we’re super excited not having to stand up in the kitchen rushing through dinner.


I’m also working on my domestic duty of cooking, so I’ve had a few trial and error dinners, but above is the celebratory “New Dining Room Table Dinner” we had: Honey Garlic Shrimp with asparagus and rice 🙂

And below you can see my goddaughter, Emi, enjoying a pleasant brunch one Saturday morning ❤



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