Refreshing breath of life..

after a ton of condo renovation work and it’s starting to feel like our own. We’ve done so much to our condo in such a short amount of time. We’ve painted and replaced the carpet with laminate in under a month with some small projects in between. I think it looks great and I’m so glad we decided to change it up rather than settle with what it was. Now it’s (going to be) a reflection of us. Although I feel the foundation of our relationship is quite strong, I know that this living space just reinforces it.


(Above is a before and after picture of our room)

It’s only been about 2 weeks since officially moving in and we just ordered in a couch and a bed frame. We learned that Living Spaces can have some affordable stuff, you just have to look hard enough. We went to their showroom one weekend and the names of some of the furniture just seemed to call to my boyfriend.


We didn’t end up getting any of these. However we did buy the couch from their “Alenya” collection.

This first post won’t seem like much although I know I do have a lot to say with such little space to pour it all into (and very little concentration because  I believe our filipino neighbors are doing some karaoke again), but just know I’ll be posting more on our struggle and blessing of living on our own and together 🙂


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